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Unlock the value of your untapped intellectual property with our trademark sales solutions. As a leading trademark consultant, we specialize in helping businesses maximize their assets by offering expert guidance on selling unused trademarks. Don’t let valuable IP go to waste – let us help you turn it into a profitable asset.

Trademark Selling - How It Works


* Payment Security

The payment for the trademark transaction is held by to ensure a secure and successful transfer of ownership. This arrangement provides a layer of protection for both the buyer and seller. acts as an impartial intermediary, holding the funds until the transfer process is completed and confirmed by both parties.

This helps to prevent any potential issues such as fraud or misrepresentation during the transaction. Once the transfer process is complete and confirmed by the new owner, the funds are released to the seller, and the case is closed.

Listing and Commission

Our trademark selling services entail more than just listing your trademark. Through our extensive promotion channels such as Google Ads, affiliate agencies, mailing lists, and social media, we actively seek out potential buyers for your trademark, and as a result, we charge a commission fee upon a successful transaction. Even so, we also offer a free option.

Normal Listing

It is a flexible option for sellers. A service commission will be charged for the transactions. The commission will be 10% of the deal price.

Normal Listing is perfect for those who want a simple and straightforward way to sell their trademark.

Exclusive Listing

It is a commission-free option for those looking for a free trademark-selling solution.

By signing an Exclusive Agreement with us, you’ll gain access to our specialized Exclusive Listing service. 

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