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UK Trademark

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The capital city, London, is one of the world’s largest financial centers. The UK trademark law protects the use of trademarks in the UK. The registration of trademarks in the UK is achieved through the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). If registration is accepted by the UKIPO, several exclusive rights are bestowed upon the trademark owner. These rights allow the owner to prevent unauthorized use of the mark on products that are identical or similar to the registered mark.

Documents and information required for UK trademark registration

Procedures and steps of UK trademark registration

UK trademark registration fee

UK trademark registration Expiration Renewal

UK trademark goods and services classification

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Application Summary


  • Country/Region of registration: United Kingdom
  • Registration time:6-9 months (depends on various factors)
  • Fee includes Official fee, agency fee, and document fee
  • Trademark validity period: 10 years

Registration Process

Step 1

Provision of Information

Through valuable communication with customers, we will brainstorm ideas as per text, pattern and color requirements, etc. provided by the customer to determine the main body of the trademark, relevant to the goods and services to be covered under a specific trademark.

Step 2

Classification & Search

The next step is to conduct a preliminary trademark search to find out whether there are any identical or similar trademarks. It makes it easier for further processing of your application.

Step 3

Formal Application

According to Intellectual Property Laws and application procedures, we will prepare relevant documents related to trademark registration and submit those promptly to ensure the acceptance of the application and to avoid any delays during the process.

Step 4

Preliminary Review

After the application is received at the Trademarks office, the official preliminary examination of the information provided in the application is done. When it is made sure that there is no error, the trademark application is formally accepted and filed.

Step 5

Substantive Examination

At this point, the application reaches the official examiner who examines whether the trademark complies with trademark legislation and also that there is no conflict between existing registered trademarks.

Step 6

Government Announcements

After the examination is approved by the examiner, the trademark will be disclosed to the public in the form of public notice for public inspection and objection for three months.

Step 7

Trademark Registration

At the end of the publication period, if no objections are made until this point, the trademark can be officially registered. The trademark owner gets the authority to use a specific trademark for a 10-year validity period of the trademark registration.

Step 8

Issue Certificate

After the trademark is registered, the Intellectual Property department issues a trademark certificate, which authorizes the trademark owner can add the ® logo to the trademark for public identification.

UK Trademark Fees

Registration Fee

1 Trademark & 1 Class
CA$ 890

Additional Fee (if any)

each of additional class
CA$ 250

UK Trademark Renewal

Trademarks must be renewed every 10 years. You can renew a trademark in the 6 months before it expires and up to 6 months afterward. All Intellectual Property Office fee-bearing forms should be filed with the appropriate fee.

Required documents

  • a email address.
  • your patent, trademark, or your registered design numbers.
  • a debit or credit card, or an Intellectual Property Office (IPO) deposit account with sufficient funds.

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