Responses to Trademark Office Actions

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A proper response must address all issues in an Office Action to avoid abandonment of the trademark application.

What is trademark Office Action?

A Trademark Office Action is a response to your application from the Intellectual Property Office. This comes from a designated officer at the Intellectual Property Office deciding whether the application should be accepted or if there is any further information required. The truth of the matter is, it’s normal for trademark applications to hit obstacles. Around 90 days after you present a trademark application, a lawyer at the designated Intellectual Property Office (it is different for every country such as for US-USPTO, China-CNIPA, etc.) will survey it. On the off chance that the lawyer recognizes any issues, you’ll get a letter known as an “Office Action.”

Two types of Office Actions

  1. Non-final office action- The primary letter you’ll get from the Intellectual Property Office will make sense of the issues with your application and permit you to address and correct them.
  2. Final office action- On the other hand, if a candidate has neglected to beat the issues brought up in a past Office action, the Intellectual Property Office will give the last Office action. You have restricted rights to answer the last Office action.

Why do you receive an Office action?

  1. Your application resembles an existing trademark or someone who applied before you.
  2. Technical or grammatical errors in your application.
  3. Requirement of legal documents to support and proceed further with your application.
  4. Enough information is not provided on how the trademark will be used.

What to do NEXT?

After you receive an Office action, you have six months time period to submit the response. Once you reach out to us, we will get all the required information, and our experts will respond to your trademark action.

No Worry! We are here to help you​

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