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Protect your brand’s uniqueness – conduct a thorough trademark search today and avoid costly legal disputes in the future!

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Doing a trademark search before applying for trademark registration reduces unwanted delays during the process and increase the chances of successful trademark registration.

We have professional agents for trademark registration who are familiar with local laws and application procedures. Our team provides trademark registration services globally. Our services help you with the completion of trademark registration without leaving your home and also efficiently protects your rights and interests.

Why need to do a trademark search before registering a company name?

When entrepreneurs start a business, they use the company name as a brand of the business, which is used as a store sign or for publicity and promotion. It helps customers to identify their products or services.

However, most entrepreneurs tend to ignore the importance of trademarks when registering companies and choosing company names, and often find that those names cannot be used for trademarks at a later stage as those names have already been trademarked.

It results in hard-earned brand images that cannot be sustained, burdening them with huge costs to re-rename and establish brands. Therefore, when choosing a company name, a trademark search for the name is very crucial as it can detect problems as early as possible which gives you an opportunity to correct them in time and avoid losses.

What if a brand inability to register a trademark?

Failure to trademark your business name may mean you’re unaware of existing trademarks that you could be infringing on. The trademark registration process includes a system where your application is advertised so that others can dispute it if you’re inadvertently using an existing mark. Don’t think because you are just starting out a business that a trademark is not something you should prioritize.

Plenty of start-ups have ignored this little legality and had to face serious legal consequences once they have already invested heavily in their product. It would be a shame to discover that someone else has already licensed a competing product. Register your trademarks as soon as you can. You want to do everything you can to avoid costly trademark disputes.

Trademark search services

In order to avoid the above listed problems, 1stIP™ provide a trademark search service where we independently conduct targeted searches for the company name, so that customers can detect the problem as soon as possible (if any), register the company name with peace of mind, use the company name for as long as they want, and avoid name changes or unnecessary trademark disputes.

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