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Timing of Trademark Renewal

When a trademark registration is finalized, it becomes crucial to maintain its status. The registration should be renewed before it expires. Without a renewal submitted by the deadline, the registration will be permanently deleted from the register and cannot be reinstated, which could have highly negative effects on the rights of the trademark owner. In Canada, the first renewal is required 10 years after the registration date, and each subsequent renewal is required every ten years after that.

Review Trademark while Renewal

When a trademark is up for renewal, it’s a good idea for the owner to think about adding other products or services to the registration. Renewal periods necessitate an evaluation of a business’s products and services, exposing various business operations that have not yet been covered by trademark registration.

Consideration of Trademark Renewal

Due to the complexity of renewal filings and the potential impact they could have on your rights if done incorrectly, we strongly advise that you work with a registered trademark consultant to help you with your renewals. Nice categories, in particular, are neither simple nor clear, and if carried out incorrectly, they may result in the loss of rights.

To summarize, to effectively maintain a Canadian trademark registration, it is important to make sure that timely renewal submissions are completed in order to keep the registration’s protections and fend off any possibility of cancellation.

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