Trademark Buy & Sell

Like all other assets, Trademark could be traded (buy or sell) between individuals or companies. No matter whether to buy a trademark or sell a trademark, to ensure the authenticity, stability and fairness of the deal and transfer, A reliable and experienced trademark consultant is essential.

To Sell a Trademark

Do you know that your idle trademark can still value? you can sell it and obtain a financial counterpart.

Here, you can sell your registered trademark to all potential buyers around the world without any initial cost and complicated trading process. 

Don’t waste your trademark and let it die by expiry. Reach Us and cash your trademark now!

To Buy a Trademark

Creating a brand new trademark is complicated, whereas you can buy an existing registered trademark. This will avoid risks linked to earlier rights, and make the process quicker and more efficient. 

This Buy and Sell platform is the solution to easily and quickly purchase trademark rights. Just fill-in the simple form, and 1stIP™ will handle the whole process on your behalf, up to the registration of the trademark in your name! Buying trademarks is made easy and secure!

Buy & Sell in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Provision of Information

Seller furnishes us with information about the trademarks available for sale. Buyer specifies the desired trademark's country of origin and classification.

Step 2

Agreement & Process

Agree on the price and terms on both sides, sign an agreement to confirm the purchase, and complete the transaction process according to 1stIP's guidelines.

Step 3

Transaction Complete

After completing the transaction process, verify the new ownership of the trademark. Buyer gets the trademark, and Seller gets the profit.

Trademark For Sale

Below is parts of the trademarks for sale in different Countries and classifications. If you want to know the details of the trademark or you looking for the trademark out of the list. Please fill out a simple form and let us know. The actual for-sale trademarks are much more than the following list.

* The products or services contents are for reference only. The specific registration content will be provided during the trademark selection process.
** The price does not include our service fee and the related Government fee that will be billed separately.

Our Trademark Transaction Cases

Forms of Trademark Exhange

The forms of trademark assignment are contract assignment and inheritance assignment. An assignment of contract is a legal term that describes the process that occurs when an existing contract assignee wishes to transfer their contractual obligations to another party. When an assignment of contract happens, the original party is relieved of their contractual duties, and their role is replaced by the approved incoming party. Inheritance assignment refers to the death or incapacity of an individual or the owner of the trademark, and the legal heirs take over their registered trademark.

In practice, a huge number of registered trademarks are transferred by contract. The assignment of a registered trademark should be subject to certain formalities by the law, and the transfer of registration should only take effect after approval from the trademark office. In case, a registered trademark is transferred without going through the relevant formalities with the trademark office, it is an act of transferring the registered trademark on its own, and according to the provisions of article 44 of the trademark law, it will be subject to administrative penalties, and in severe cases, it may also lead to the cancellation of the registered trademark.

1stIP™ acts as an agent for trademark sale, transfer, change, and other services and the scope of services exceeds 180 countries around the world. If you are interested in inquiring about the service of trademark transfer, feel free to Contact Us.

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