Online Marketplace - Amazon Brand Registry

Online Marketplace: Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a program and a platform that protects a brand on Amazon from other sellers in the marketplace who could be guilty of selling counterfeits, copyright infringement, or in violation of intellectual property. More information on Amazon Brand Registry | Enroll Today.

To begin with, Amazon is the most common online marketplace nowadays. Also, it is same as the other scaled online marketplace platform and are concerned about the Intellectual Property rights of their seller.

Enrolling in the Brand Registry provides the customer with a better and trusted shopping experience on Amazon while protecting your hard-earned brand reputation as well.

So, to register into the Brand Registry, there are certain requirements as below:

• An active registered trademark present on the product or packaging.
• A government-registered trademark number.
• Proof as the rights owner or authorized agent of the trademark.
• A list of product categories in which the product should be listed.
• A list of countries where the products are manufactured and distributed.
• An Amazon account.

Furthermore, advantages for the brands using the Amazon brand registry and promoting their product on Amazon are as below:

Control Brand’s Representation

When registration, sellers have full control over the detail of their products on the website of Amazon. When a seller doesn’t have a brand registry, any third-party sellers can have access to the original product details page. Hence, it might result in them misrepresenting your brand.

Increase Product Sales

Another amazing perks of having a brand registration is that it can help increase sales revenue as Amazon removes fraudulent listings and prioritizes information from your business.

Protect Product Listings by Other Sellers

To curb infringements and counterfeits, Amazon provides powerful search tools for vendors and sellers to protect their brands. It can search within global Amazon Marketplaces by using images (logo/ products), and Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).

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