Branding - What is it

Branding-What is it?

Branding is a method involved in making a solid, positive impression of an organization in the form of its products or services in the brains of clients by consolidating components such as logo, design, mission statement, etc. Moreover, powerful branding assists organizations with separating themselves from their rivals and assembling a stronger relationship with customers.

For example, the Coca-Cola brand is one of the most recognizable logos and colour stories around the world. The classic red and white lettering, vibrant artwork, and distinctive font have lasted for over a century.

The objective of branding is to attract and retain loyal customers by delivering a product that always aligns with what the brand promises. More specifically,

  • a product is what you sell,
  • a brand is the perceived image of the product you sell
  • branding is the strategy to create that image.

By carefully constructing your brand through stories, relationships, marketing messages, and visual assets, you have the opportunity of shaping your customers’ expectations and create a unique bond that goes beyond the buying-selling relationship. Companies tend to use different tools to create and shape a brand. For instance, branding can be achieved through packaging design, advertisement, pricing strategy, customer service, management style, in-store experience, etc.

It is important to realize that branding is a complex process that requires careful planning and a calculated approach. Ideally, you should have your branding strategy worked out before you launch your business to avoid working backward to try to align your store with customer expectations. A strong brand is easy to relate to and draws on values that resonate well with the target audience. For info on other things to consider before starting a new business, please visit Consider 4 Names before Start

Advantages of Branding

  • Gives your brand identity.
  • Makes your business memorable.
  • Helps you with marketing.
  • Becomes a deciding factor for the customers.
  • Brings your employee pride.

“Positive branding makes your business known and grow”

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